About The Site

MG_5482More than just to promote my presentations, the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my BDSM journey. To determine what I learned about myself, how I reacted to certain things etc.

Secondly, it will not have real people’s names. I might use scene names, but that is it. Odds are, I’ll refer to people by something else anyways unless given specific permission to post their screen name here. Posts made are automatically get uploaded to twitter, so I don’t want information going out that shouldn’t be.

Thirdly, it will rarely be a live blog. Not that I wouldn’t like to live blog a scene, but for various reasons (mostly because you can’t have electronic devices in said places) as well as it takes me out of the scene, it will have to be an after the fact report

Fourthly, While I will try and include photos, none of them will have anyone but me in them (unless the person is a presenter or widely known to be in BDSM or you can’t tell who it is). This is for privacy reasons. I am willing to out myself, but not others. But expect pictures of new toys and closeups of rope work and such.

Fifthly (is that a word? Spell check thinks so), I want to pose questions to the community. While I don’t always expect answers to my questions, I want to pose questions that make people think. However if you’d like to participate, I will gladly engage with anyone.

 Finally, it will be a place where people can come to find out about where I am presenting and information on the topics on which I present. It will also serve as a communications hub where people can get in touch with me.

However, I encourage you to register and participate in the discussion.