Ignite 16 – Fort Collins – Guild Management

Ignite 16


While not my kinky presentation this time, I will be speaking at Ignite 16 in Fort Collins on May 9th. My topic is proper guild management. I’ll post a link to it here when they post it. However, if you’d like to see me speak, tickets can be purchased at the link below. It is an awesome night. Lots of interesting talks.

Update 5/15/14: Since Ignite 16 is over, I’ve removed links to purchase tickets. However, below are media from the event. However, they are ALWAYS doing another one. Here is a link for Ignite Fort Collins

At last, I can show you the YouTube video of me speaking at Ignite 16 – Fort Collins

Link to the Powerpoint presentation

The event was great. Lots of great speakers See all of the videos here. Thanks to everyone that attended! It was a fun night. Ignite is a fun format and fairly easy to master. I know it can be scary to step up there (heck, I don’t know if you can tell, but I was terrified) but once you do it a few times, it gets a lot easier. If you have any questions about the format or want to check it out, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]


Also, I run a similar format called KinkSpeed. This focuses on pure kink topics, but it is in the same vein as Ignite. 20 slides fifteen seconds per slide totaling in 5 minutes. It is a lot of fun and if you have never presented before, it can be a good foray into presenting. If you are interested, there is always one scheduled and you can see the date and submit a topic at http://www.kinkspeed.com. We would love to hear anyone’s ideas for a talk so feel free to go crazy and submit as many as you’d like.

Thanks to everyone that let me shock them

Taste of Kink 2014

nova-violet-wand-1000259204131Last Saturday I had the honor of being one of the tasting stations at the Denver Sanctuary Taste of Kink 2014 party. It was a lot of fun to shock person after person with electricity. My core heated up a bit much, but I think it will be OK.

Thank-you to everyone that, albeit the fact that they wanted to be shocked, let me shock them.

I hope to see you all back at the Sanctuary or any kink event in the future. Hopefully, I helped you find out if you liked electrical play or hated it with a passion, or even if you are undecided. Feel free to friend me if you have any questions or need additional assistance.

Southwest Leather Conference Keynote Speaker

602701_568330029896613_276534370_n1I was very impressed by Race Bannon. His words were very profound. I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know who he was but I’ve determined that it is due to being in Colorado. I’ve included the audio file and the text version. Note: The audio isn’t very good. Also, there is an intro to the speaker before he actually starts speaking.

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March 18th 2014 Presentation – Forced Orgasms

March 18th 2014 Presentation


arrows_switchingDue to a last minute cancellation, I am giving my Forced Orgasm presentation earlier than I expected. It will instead be given on March 18th 2014. Additionally, I will be featuring both versions of my presentation, a short version and a long version as a test. The five minute version gives a very brief overview while the longer version goes into depth. Come and check it out.


FetLife Event Link

Ignite Fort Collins After Dark

Ignite Fort Collins After Dark

Ignite Fort Collins After Dark

So I was picked to do Forced Orgasms at Ignite After Dark. This will be one of the most unique places I’ve given this presentation. Click on the image above for more information or to get tickets (sorry, this one isn’t free). Thursday, January 9, 2014, 7PM is the date for this one. It is in Fort Collins at Avogadro’s Number

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Exile 2

Exile 2

exile2So I went and attended Exile last night. I’ll post a few photos as they become available (I didn’t personally take any last night) I will post some. All in all, it was an interesting event. I’m glad that it isn’t the main kink scene in Denver. It was interesting to have an event that was vanilla. While nudity isn’t that important to me anymore, it’s shocking how tame the night felt. We had wax play demonstrations on clothed participants and single tails used on the same. It didn’t feel genuine. I spent the night questioning the people around me wondering if they were real kinksters or just dressed up for the occasion. Some had leather patches so I assumed they were real. Others had plastic cuffs (or one had cuffs made out of balloons). Those I assumed were not real.

All in all, I’m glad I supported leathermagick but I’m glad it only comes once a year. It isn’t true kink but merely a sideshow for the vanillas. If you are interested in more information, here is their website.

Photos below the break

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Thunder in the Mountains, Day 1

Thunder in the Mountains 2012 Day 1

Thunder2012sm1Last night and today, we built the dungeon. I have to commend the transport guys. They must have gotten equipment from all over the city. It took us all night and some of today to get it all built, but it’s done now. I browsed the vendor fair (nothing really caught my eye) and relaxed in the room. Can’t wait for tonight.

Check out Thunder in the Mountains here