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Florida Power Exchange, Tampa, FL - 10/21/18

Misconceptions about the scene

How to train your squirrel

The Kinky Introvert

Denver Sanctuary TNG, Denver CO - 9/18/18

Forced Orgasms

TGIF, Fresno, CA - 8/25/18

Forced Orgasms

Building Blocks - Grand Junction, CO - 7/14/18

Unleash Your Creativity

Senseless Torture

Building Blocks - Las Vegas, NV - 6/26/18

Forced Orgasms

Sanctuary Steps - Denver, CO - Date pending

Balancing Play Partners and Relationships

  • How to train your squirrel – Northwest Leather Celebration

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  • The chaste and the keyholder – Northwest Leather Celebration

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  • Electrical Play – Beyond Leather

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  • Advanced Electrical Play – Kink on the River

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  • Forced Orgasms – SFCitidel

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  • “Unleash” your creativity – Sanctuary Steps

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