VR and Computer Domination at the Denver Sanctuary

I wanted to let you all know about a recent event at the Denver Sanctuary where we showcased three groundbreaking pleasure products: The Handy, MotorBunny Buck, and the innovative Virtual Succubus software. Each of these brought something unique to the table, and I can’t wait to share the details with you. The Handy: A Tech-Enhanced […]

Motorbunny Tumble Tower

BDSM conferences are known for providing a space where participants can explore the intriguing and adventurous aspects of human sensuality. Recently, at a BDSM conference, attendees had the opportunity to indulge in a unique and exhilarating activity: Motorbunny® Tumble Tower, (also known as Jenga®) Led by renowned BDSM educator Switch Jake, this event brought together […]

So you want to try out chastity?

New year, new classes!

It’s 2018, time for some new classes! This year, I decided I want to talk about some things I’ve been trying that are new. The first class I decided upon was one based on me making a toy out of a Raspberry Pi. It will be an evil scene. There are still some more parts […]

2017 in review

Wow! What a year. I know that I haven’t posted all that much here. Honestly, it’s just been a crazy year. Not as crazy as 2016. But here is a brief recap of everything I’ve been up to BDSM-Wise Firstly, I was invited to teach at the Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This was […]

New year, new site

New site, A fresh coat of paint. I figured it was time to update switchjakethepresenter.com. While I think I did a decent job, I rather like how flashy the new site is. If you happen to find any issues with it, please let me know. I’m looking over it with a  fine tooth comb, but […]

Denver Sanctuary TNG party

Last night we had an amazing night. We had a presenter on edging and orgasm denial that was very good as well as a good night of attendance.

Upcoming presentations

Post in progress: Ignite Fort Collins, After Dark TGIF 2016 (one pending it being posted on web site)

Excited for Vegas 2016

All ready for Vegas 2016 I am all ready for Vegas 2016! My toys are on their way (I would have had to pay for 3 additional bags, so a friend is bringing them by car), my presentation is finalized and sent to the ASL interpreter and all of my demo bottoms (except for one) […]