Motorbunny Tumble Tower

BDSM conferences are known for providing a space where participants can explore the intriguing and adventurous aspects of human sensuality. Recently, at a BDSM conference, attendees had the opportunity to indulge in a unique and exhilarating activity: Motorbunny® Tumble Tower, (also known as Jenga®) Led by renowned BDSM educator Switch Jake, this event brought together participants from all walks of life, combining fun, competition, and the sensory delights of the Motorbunny® ride-on vibrator. Let’s delve into the exciting experience that left attendees satisfied and looking forward to the next competition:

As the dungeon doors opened for the night, attendees eagerly gathered to participate in the Motorbunny® Tumble Tower event. A designated space on the floor was meticulously arranged, with the power cord artfully routed in a snake-like manner from the wall to the play area. Switch Jake proceeded to set up not one, not two, but three strategically positioned Motorbunny® units The units were cleaned and prepped. They awaited, gleaming into the dim dungeon lights, inviting enthusiastic participants to sign up and immerse themselves in this captivating and sensorial experience.

Each round of Motorbunny® Tumble Tower began with participants starting at level 1. Players took turns removing a tile from the middle of the tower and placing it on the top, all while simultaneously enjoying the stimulating vibrations of a Motorbunny®.

When the tower inevitably toppled, the losing player faced a few seconds of full-blast stimulation, with the winner occasionally sharing in the pleasurable sensations as well. The game continued with an incremented baseline of +1, ensuring increasing intensity and challenge with each round.

The sight of even the steadiest-handed players devolving into delightful chaos under the influence of the Motorbunny® was both entertaining and empowering. The vibrations proved to be irresistibly pleasurable, rendering some players temporarily unable to focus, while others rose to the challenge with determination.

For participants who struggled to engage fully, the vibration or thrust levels were playfully adjusted to “encourage” their involvement. Eventually, as the vibrations reached a heightened level, the game evolved into a pure indulgence of sensory delights, providing an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Throughout the night, a total of 14 different games took place, with a diverse mix of 2 to 3 players each time. The enthusiasm and satisfaction of the participants were evident, with many expressing their excitement for the next Motorbunny® Tumble Tower gathering.

To streamline future events, the possibility of acquiring a second Tumble Tower set was discussed, aiming to reduce setup time and accommodate more rounds of play. Attendees left the scene with a sense of fulfillment, grateful for the unique experience that combined a fun game with orgasm and an all-around great time.

If you were interested in picking up a Motorbunny and starting a Motorbunny Tumble Tower chapter in your city, you can get one for $50 off with code KITC50 at their website They don’t sell Tumble Tower (though now maybe they maybe should carry it now 😁)

Switch Jake is a BDSM educator from Denver Colorado. He has been teaching for 25 years on a variety of BDSM topics all over the country, usually at BDSM conferences. However, other venues need education too and he is happy to provide knowledge to those seeking it. Check him out at

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