BDSM offers us a very odd opportunity. We have our single partner. However, sometimes a single partner doesn’t fulfill all of our kinks. Therefore play partners are needed to fill the gaps in what we need as kinksters. This is NOT a class on how to pick up an exclusive partner but more how to balance a romantic partner and a play partner. This is more how to manage different people to make everyone happy.

Where i have taught:

  1. Cheyenne BDSM Group, Cheyenne/Laramie, Wyoming(9th sept. 2017)

  2. KinkyCon – Manchester, New Hampshire(11th nov. 2017)

  3. TGIF, Fresno California(25th-27th august, 2017)

  4. Denver Sanctuary TNG, Denver Colorado(15th march, 2016)

  5. Southwest Leather Conference, Phoenix, Arizona(20th jan. 2017)

  6. Behind Closed Doors, Tucson, Arizona(7th oct. 2016)

  7. FoCal, Fort Collins, Colorado(24th april, 2016)

  8. CO Switch Group, Denver Colorado(8th april, 2015)

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