Actively playing with something your parents told you not to, electricity. Includes toys and safety. Additionally, includes a demo during the class. For those of us who stuck our fingers into electrical outlets and liked it, electricity can be used in a multitude of ways, both pain, and pleasure.


Where i have taught:

  1. Kink on the River, Sioux City, Iowa(march 24,2018 )

  2. Beyond Leather – Fort Lauderdale, Florida(28th april, 2018)

  3. Rocky Mountain Rebellion, Salt Lake City, Utah(26th august, 2016)

  4. Southwest Leather Conference, Phoenix, Arizona(21th january,2017)

  5. Fetishcon, Saint Petersburg, Florida(14th august, 2016)

  6. KinkSpeed, Denver Colorado(18th november,2014)

  7. Denver Sanctuary TNG, Denver Colorado(2012)

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