The act of giving your partner as many orgasms as he/she can handle and then five more. At first, they will praise you, an hour from now they will curse your name. Learn how to not just get your partner off but enjoy them begging you to stop. This class often features a demo either with a Sybian, a Hitachi, manual stimulation or a combination of all of these.

Where i have taught:

  1. San Francisco Citadel, San Francisco, California(24th august, 2017)

  2. TGIF, Fresno California(august 20,2017)

  3. Denver Sanctuary Educational Series, Denver, Colorado(august 12, 2017)

  4. Denver Sanctuary TNG, Denver Colorado(july 18,2017)

  5. Behind Closed Doors, Tucson, Arizona(octobor 7, 2016)

  6. Sin in the City 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada(feb 5,2016)

  7. Skales (No longer meets), Denver Colorado(june 12, march 27, 2013)

  8. Fort Collins Rope Bite, Fort Collins, Colorado(april 21,2013)

  9. Denver Sanctuary Educational Series, Denver Colorado(2012)

  10. Denver Sanctuary TNG, Denver Colorado(2012)