In this class, we delve into the non-traditional forms of pet play. Everyone knows puppies, ponies and kitties, however, there area slew of other animals that are represented in the kinky kingdom. For example, Switch Jake sometimes attends events as a squirrel. It is difficult to make kinksters do a double take, but dressing as a squirrel achieves this! Come learn about the vast array of non-traditional animals and let your wild side be free!

Where i have taught:

  1. Northwest Leather Celebration, Sacramento, California(5th may, 2018)

  2. Kink on the River, Sioux City, Iowa(24th march, 2018)

  3. KinkyCon – Manchester, New Hampshire(10th november, 2017)

  4. TGIF, Fresno California(25th-27th august,2017)

  5. Rocky Mountain Rebellion, Salt Lake City, Utah(26th  august, 2016)

  6. Spanksgiving, St Louis, Missouri(19th november, 2016)

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