Chastity is a unique form of play and requires a very special type of relationship. This class covers various types of devices used and contains a personal account of how chastity feels from a male perspective. This class will feature various devices used in chastity and audience members are encouraged to come forward to demonstrate their devices, explain their relationships, examine and touch the devices or recount their experiences with chastity.

Where i have taught:

  1. Northwest Leather Celebration, Sacramento, California(6th may,2018)

  2. KinkyCon – Manchester, New Hampshire(12th november,2017)

  3. Rocky Mountain Rebellion, Salt Lake City, Utah(26th august,2016)

  4. Colorado Leather Fest. Denver, Colorado(19th march,2017)

  5. Spanksgiving, St Louis, Missouri(19th november,2016)

  6. KinkSpeed, Denver Colorado(31th january,2015)

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