Denver Pridefest 2015

Denver Pridefest 2015


Another year, another pride fest. Like last year, I “marched” with the Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance.
Here is a video with me at the event waving. Note I was in a boat. That is why I put “marched” in quotes. The side of the boat said “whatever floats your boat”. It was a lot of fun overall. It is amazing to see all the support that we have. We had the Denver Boys of Leather marching behind us. They were handing out dog toys to actual dogs. I will be sure to march every single year if I can. If you were there and saw me, be sure to let me know. I’d love to hear from people who might have saw me. Also, if you managed to snap any candid pics of me, I’d love to see those too!



Overall it was an amazing time. Here are some pics of me from the event. Taken by the lovely Skittlemonster

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