So you want to try out chastity?

Sin in the City 2016

Sin in the City 2016

Good news! I’ll be presenting at Sin in the City 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada! The topics that have been selected are

  • Forced Orgasms | Friday 9:00pm – 10:30pm
  • Chastity | Friday 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Dates on this are February 5th through the 7th



I’ll update this post as I have more information

You can register for the event here

Note, tickets CANNOT be purchased at the event.

Chastity Presentation – 4/8/15

4/8/15 Chastity Presentation


I have one upcoming presentation in April. You can see the countdown on the timer on the left, but on 4/8/15 I’ll be doing my talk on chastity. This talk will focus on the different types of devices used and safety considerations to keep in mind when doing so. All of the usual questions will be answered. “How long can I keep someone in Chastity?” “Which type of device should I buy?” “Where can I buy them?” “Can I go through the airport in one?” “Why would someone DO this to another human being?” “What do both participants get out of chastity?” As well as other questions that might crop up.

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