Chastity Presentation – 4/8/15

4/8/15 Chastity Presentation


I have one upcoming presentation in April. You can see the countdown on the timer on the left, but on 4/8/15 I’ll be doing my talk on chastity. This talk will focus on the different types of devices used and safety considerations to keep in mind when doing so. All of the usual questions will be answered. “How long can I keep someone in Chastity?” “Which type of device should I buy?” “Where can I buy them?” “Can I go through the airport in one?” “Why would someone DO this to another human being?” “What do both participants get out of chastity?” As well as other questions that might crop up.

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Thanks to everyone that let me shock them

Taste of Kink 2014

nova-violet-wand-1000259204131Last Saturday I had the honor of being one of the tasting stations at the Denver Sanctuary Taste of Kink 2014 party. It was a lot of fun to shock person after person with electricity. My core heated up a bit much, but I think it will be OK.

Thank-you to everyone that, albeit the fact that they wanted to be shocked, let me shock them.

I hope to see you all back at the Sanctuary or any kink event in the future. Hopefully, I helped you find out if you liked electrical play or hated it with a passion, or even if you are undecided. Feel free to friend me if you have any questions or need additional assistance.

Cake night play session w/ heather_daisy


Cake night play session w/ heather_daisy

cakeWell, cake night is over. It was a night of many firsts for many people. The first time I played with heather_daisy. The first time my protégé ever topped. The first time I topped with a true switch. It was very much an enjoyable experience. Often times, the people I top lean one way or another and so it is sometimes one sided.  Heather_daisy was truly a switch.

Anyways, as I mentioned we mentored my protégé in the ways of topping. She seems to have enjoyed it thoroughly (if the knife wounds across my belly are any indication). It was my first time masturbating for an audience and it was a bit odd but nothing I objected to.

Then the revenge; oh how sweet! I demoed a second form of topping and I think everyone had a good time. My only complaint on the night is that we couldn’t get a table, but we made due with what we had. Also, while I don’t regret it, having to teach slows things down. Hopefully my protégé is more confident next time and we can focus on play. I think she will be.

What is even more exciting is that  heather_daisy wants to play again, hopefully in either a less crowded setting or my personal hope somewhere private. However, that will come in time.  Heather_daisy and I are currently attempting to figure out when and where the next one will be.

The good

  • Switch fun, finally.
  • Teachning

The bad

  • Left a mark on her inner thigh by accident w/o thinking
  • Hesitated to kiss to avoid crossing the line.