Thunder 2014 Countdown

Thunder 2014 Countdown:


It is the Thunder season. It is time for the Thunder 2014 Countdown. You can look at the side bar for the actual countdown but I’m getting excited. They posted the schedule for the classes. There is ONE class I MIGHT attend, but I’m more looking forward to dungeon time. My partner wants us to pre plan our scenes. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of this because it disarms me from doing a surprise scene that is silly as all get out.

Still, I’ll do it simply to play at Thunder. I won’t go into last year, but needless to say I was disappointed. Hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen this year. I plan on playing, and it will be epic.


Hope to see some of you there! It should be fun. Friday I’ll be at the registration table (and possibly Saturday) so I may be checking some of you in if you do attend. This year, we are also doing a TNG meetup for anyone in the organization. We’d love to see fellow TNGers attend and see how many of you there are! Sometimes, with the sheer number of people, you just can’t grasp how many of them are in a particular group. The dungeon does make the event seem lightly attended simply because there is so much room.

I hope to see all of you at the event. If you do happen to see me (except of course if I am playing) feel free to say hi and, if I don’t know you personally, let me know that you know me through my blog or social media presence. I’d love to meet my readers.

If you are interested in the event, be sure to pre-register to get cheaper tickets. Let’s start the Thunder 2014 Countdown!

Link to the website for the event

Private dungeon


Private dungeon

Pavlovia-Denver-Dungeon-011It’s good to have friends! Last night we had a rare treat. A dungeon all to ourselves. It was loads of fun. Admittedly, my role last night was one of being a mentor and making sure my protege was not being abused by a new person, it was still a fun experience to see a dungeon that I had never seen before and be there with no one else. Actually, it gave me a rare opportunity to organize my toy bags. However, my protege got to try needles, blood and choking all in one night. Blood I just worry about so I don’t do it. Needles, well…. I don’t know how. I could probably do them to others but not to myself. Maybe I’ll try them. Who knows? Choking just doesn’t appeal to me.

Still, I look forward to many more parties in this space when it is a bit more populated. It should be a fun time. Actually we have a plan to attend a party there later this month, so that should be fun.