Exile 2

Exile 2

exile2So I went and attended Exile last night. I’ll post a few photos as they become available (I didn’t personally take any last night) I will post some. All in all, it was an interesting event. I’m glad that it isn’t the main kink scene in Denver. It was interesting to have an event that was vanilla. While nudity isn’t that important to me anymore, it’s shocking how tame the night felt. We had wax play demonstrations on clothed participants and single tails used on the same. It didn’t feel genuine. I spent the night questioning the people around me wondering if they were real kinksters or just dressed up for the occasion. Some had leather patches so I assumed they were real. Others had plastic cuffs (or one had cuffs made out of balloons). Those I assumed were not real.

All in all, I’m glad I supported leathermagick but I’m glad it only comes once a year. It isn’t true kink but merely a sideshow for the vanillas. If you are interested in more information, here is their website.

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