Another successful presentation

Another successful presentation


I’d like to thank everyone that came out last night to my forced orgasm class. For those that wanted the handout, here is a link to it:

(yes I know, I love my Google docs)

Anyways, I think the presentation went well. Great questions were asked an I’d like to give a special thanks to my demo bottom. She did great. I hope you all enjoyed that part of the class as much as I did.

For future presentations, keep checking back here. Now that I’ve got the whole timer thing down I plan on using it!

June 12th 2014 Presentation

June 12th 2014 Presentation

adultClassroom_61I will be returning to Skales. This time with at least one (if not two demo people). I’ve also, with the help of someone streamlined the presentation a bit. It should be a good time. It will be on Forced Orgasms. It will feature a live demo during the presentation.

Fetlife link

Date: June 12th 2014 7pm

6956 Otis St. Arvada, CO 80003

I also have a few other venues in the works, but nothing is confirmed yet. If you’d be interested in me presenting at your venue, check out my presentations here. If you are in Colorado, I often do not charge anything for presenting (save for gas money), but reach out to me and we can arrange something.