My relationship type

My relationship type

Relationship Type | Signing contractI’m often asked what kind of relationship type I have with my submissives/dominants. Basically, I do what is called a fluid contract and an open relationship. My current girlfriend (who also subs to me and doms me) and I are both allowed to have multiple play partners. However, whenever fluids are involved (sex, blood etc), that person must be covered under our fluid contract.

A fluid contract works like this. First, the person gets tested for STDs or anything that can be communicated from one person to another. That person agrees not to have unprotected sex (preferably none at all but we all have needs) with ANYONE for a total of six months. During this time, play can happen, just no exchanging of fluids. If they break the rule regaling unprotected sex, the timer starts over and they must be tested again. After six months have passed, they are then tested again. If they pass, they become fluid bonded with us. Once at this state, they are prohibited from having unprotected sex (again, preferably none at all) with anyone whom they are not fluid bonded with. However, within the contract, they can have as much sex as they want. Most STDs manifest themselves within 6 months so the waiting period ensures nothing was hiding. If at any point it is found that they betrayed the contract, the contract is terminated and the timer resets.

Using this method allows for multiple sexual partners without the fear of infecting the entire group. While there is always the chance that someone might deceive us, ideally we don’t even offer the contract to people whom we don’t already know very well. It works for us and allows us to have the freedom of multiple partners (both for play and for sex) without the fear that comes with sleeping around and perhaps catching an STD.

In the end though, my relationship type depends on who I am with. I prefer to have a single partner simply for safety. If multiple partners are part of it though, I do the above.