Chastity Presentation – 4/8/15

4/8/15 Chastity Presentation


I have one upcoming presentation in April. You can see the countdown on the timer on the left, but on 4/8/15 I’ll be doing my talk on chastity. This talk will focus on the different types of devices used and safety considerations to keep in mind when doing so. All of the usual questions will be answered. “How long can I keep someone in Chastity?” “Which type of device should I buy?” “Where can I buy them?” “Can I go through the airport in one?” “Why would someone DO this to another human being?” “What do both participants get out of chastity?” As well as other questions that might crop up.

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Dungeons of the Future Presentation – Switch Meeting

Dungeons of the Future!


More a concept class, this class discusses what future dungeons could looks like. Purely speculative it goes over with the audience what toys we could see in the future and what kinks could emerge in the next 10-20 years. Significant audience involvement is required. Imagine what toys we’ll have when teleportation and force fields come into existence! BDSM robots!

I also have a few other venues in the works, but nothing is confirmed yet. If you’d be interested in me presenting at your venue, check out my presentations here. If you are in Colorado, I often do not charge anything for presenting (save for gas money), but reach out to me and we can arrange something.