Traveling with toys

While not all of us usually have this issue, occasionally, there will be a party or event occurring that is too good to pass up but it isn’t local. Assuming the party is at least domestic, travel shouldn’t be an issue. Read more

A fun night

Last night, at the Denver Sanctuary, I got to do a scene that I have been dreaming about for quite a while. I got to tie up two girls side by side and use two Hitachi magic wands and give orgasms simultaneously. I used a big table and tied each of their outer arms and legs to the table, and their inner legs to each other. It was a lot of fun. A minor complaint, it is was no one’s fault at all, was that one was tough to make orgasm and the other easy. Perhaps it’s because I have a great deal of experience with one and not the other. In addition, I was missing a pair of cuffs, which would have made the scene better.

Still, overall, it was a fun night I’d gladly repeat (and I hope one day to do so).

BDSM on a budget

BDSM, like any hobby, can get expensive. In our constant search for new experiences, there are a wide variety of providers that are ready and willing to take our money in exchange for prebuilt items (floggers, vibrators etc). However, like any hobby there are cost saving ways to keep some of your money, assuming you are willing to think a little outside the box

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