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While not all of us usually have this issue, occasionally, there will be a party or event occurring that is too good to pass up but it isn’t local. Assuming the party is at least domestic, travel shouldn’t be an issue. With a few minor exceptions (add the states) sex toys themselves are not illegal to possess. Even if you do get pulled over by the police, one would hope you don’t have toys free-floating in the car. Keep them in their bags and an officer should have NO reason to open your bags (don’t give them reasons to, e.g.: illegal narcotics).

Traveling by air is no different. Toss your bags in checked luggage and you should be fine (don’t forget to lock the bags with a TSA-approved lock). If you are going to take toys on the plane, check the TSA website first ( I was surprised by what they have listed there.

With anything going through TSA, be honest about the uses of items if you are asked. You can even ask for a private screening if you aren’t ready to out yourself to people in the security line. For example, if they find a flogger and ask what it is used for, don’t say it’s used for getting dirt out of rugs. Tell them honestly what the item’s use is. Odds are, they’ll put it back in either with a smile or a look of disgust, either way, you’ll get to move along.

Also, just to speed things along, if traveling with slaves, make sure to remove any cuffs, collars, or any such unnecessary jewelry. This includes insertable objects and the like. Having recently traveled (on a plane right now actually, though this won’t be posted until I get back on the ground) the airports I went through use the new body scanner. They detected a flash drive in my pocket. I’d imagine they’d pick up any such jewelry and insertables. While not technically illegal, it causes delays at the checkpoint that can easily be avoided. Besides, where is your slave going to go?

Update 8/23/2023

Another blogger reached out with some supplemental material regarding other countries. My advice was specifically geared toward the US and Canada. Here is a link to an article they wrote:


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  1. Dark_Angel1983
    Dark_Angel1983 says:

    Also as a side note: Always remove batteries from any toys that you are traveling by air with. I forgot one time in a piece of checked luggage and they took the toy from me…. Let me tell you how disappointed I was when I got to my boyfriend’s place whom I hadn’t seen in 2 months… Lol!

    Great article Jake. 😀


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