Gateway session


Gateway session

1298097_ratio4x3_width586So I played with Heather_Daisy again, this time at Gateway night at the Denver Sanctuary. Admittedly it was a great deal of fun. We had this fun pre-scene game where we went to Dave and Busters (a video arcade) and played 2 player games. Before each we made bets. In the end, final score was 6 to 2 in my favor. Perhaps I should have mentioned (though I figured it would be obvious) that I am a bit of a gamer. I also used to work in a video arcade and let’s just say I was experienced in the art of game playing. Perhaps I should have not tried so hard on some but my competitive nature got the best of me. Regardless, it was quite fun and I would love to do it again, preferably with her winning a bit more.

It is nights like that though that I wish I lived closer to Denver. That hour drive is killer, especially if it is a late night. Sure I could stay with friends in lieu of driving, but I hate to impose on people, even if they would without a moments hesitation.

Denver Munch

Denver Munch

denver-at-night-small1So last night, a group of us from Greeley attended the Denver munch. I have never attended the Denver munch, mostly due to the fact that it’s a drive and just a social event. I have no issues socializing, but it can be hard to justify the hour if that is the only payoff. However, we are back and it was good. More people showed up than we had chairs for, but overall a good time was had. My protege had her first experience at a munch and I think she enjoyed it. Old friends showed up as well that I was happy to talk to.

However, something sticks in my mind. I am unsure what the future holds for me in terms of relationships. Currently, I can count my prospects on one hand. Not that having a huge “dance card” is a badge of honor or anything, but let’s just say that none of my avenues are making any headway toward permanence. I got time as a friend of mine keeps saying, but I don’t want to be in this state of life forever. I remember when I first moved to Cheyenne. Before that, I didn’t think I needed love, then I found it, and now I can’t live without it.

Well, now that I am single again, I can attend the munches more. I’ve just never been an expert in socializing. I do much better one on one. I don’t mind big events, but often times it can be difficult to carry on a conversation when you have to yell at the person across the table.  I will keep trying however. Something will come, I know it!

Cake night play session w/ heather_daisy


Cake night play session w/ heather_daisy

cakeWell, cake night is over. It was a night of many firsts for many people. The first time I played with heather_daisy. The first time my protégé ever topped. The first time I topped with a true switch. It was very much an enjoyable experience. Often times, the people I top lean one way or another and so it is sometimes one sided.  Heather_daisy was truly a switch.

Anyways, as I mentioned we mentored my protégé in the ways of topping. She seems to have enjoyed it thoroughly (if the knife wounds across my belly are any indication). It was my first time masturbating for an audience and it was a bit odd but nothing I objected to.

Then the revenge; oh how sweet! I demoed a second form of topping and I think everyone had a good time. My only complaint on the night is that we couldn’t get a table, but we made due with what we had. Also, while I don’t regret it, having to teach slows things down. Hopefully my protégé is more confident next time and we can focus on play. I think she will be.

What is even more exciting is that  heather_daisy wants to play again, hopefully in either a less crowded setting or my personal hope somewhere private. However, that will come in time.  Heather_daisy and I are currently attempting to figure out when and where the next one will be.

The good

  • Switch fun, finally.
  • Teachning

The bad

  • Left a mark on her inner thigh by accident w/o thinking
  • Hesitated to kiss to avoid crossing the line.

Thunder in the Mountains, Day 1

Thunder in the Mountains 2012 Day 1

Thunder2012sm1Last night and today, we built the dungeon. I have to commend the transport guys. They must have gotten equipment from all over the city. It took us all night and some of today to get it all built, but it’s done now. I browsed the vendor fair (nothing really caught my eye) and relaxed in the room. Can’t wait for tonight.

Check out Thunder in the Mountains here

My relationship type

My relationship type

Relationship Type | Signing contractI’m often asked what kind of relationship type I have with my submissives/dominants. Basically, I do what is called a fluid contract and an open relationship. My current girlfriend (who also subs to me and doms me) and I are both allowed to have multiple play partners. However, whenever fluids are involved (sex, blood etc), that person must be covered under our fluid contract.

A fluid contract works like this. First, the person gets tested for STDs or anything that can be communicated from one person to another. That person agrees not to have unprotected sex (preferably none at all but we all have needs) with ANYONE for a total of six months. During this time, play can happen, just no exchanging of fluids. If they break the rule regaling unprotected sex, the timer starts over and they must be tested again. After six months have passed, they are then tested again. If they pass, they become fluid bonded with us. Once at this state, they are prohibited from having unprotected sex (again, preferably none at all) with anyone whom they are not fluid bonded with. However, within the contract, they can have as much sex as they want. Most STDs manifest themselves within 6 months so the waiting period ensures nothing was hiding. If at any point it is found that they betrayed the contract, the contract is terminated and the timer resets.

Using this method allows for multiple sexual partners without the fear of infecting the entire group. While there is always the chance that someone might deceive us, ideally we don’t even offer the contract to people whom we don’t already know very well. It works for us and allows us to have the freedom of multiple partners (both for play and for sex) without the fear that comes with sleeping around and perhaps catching an STD.

In the end though, my relationship type depends on who I am with. I prefer to have a single partner simply for safety. If multiple partners are part of it though, I do the above.

Toys I would purchase right now if money was no object (ONGOING POST)

These are just a few items I’d love to acquire one day. I plan on updating this list occasionally to reflect my current desires or to remove items I have already purchased. When I update it, I will change the date of posting so it rises to the top. Note: I am not affiliated with any of these web sites. This is purely my own wants and desires.









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Children, sex and BDSM

Wrote this for a class and it seems like a good fit for this web site.

Despite accusations from the opposition, children are often harmed more by masking sexuality rather than overtly explaining it. In our vain attempt to “protect our children” we often end up doing more harm; reacting rather than taking a pro-active approach. There is nothing wrong with protecting children against material that is not suitable for their age, but should something present itself, rather than hide it and denounce it, an explanation would be far less harmful than attempting to hide it.

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Traveling with toys

While not all of us usually have this issue, occasionally, there will be a party or event occurring that is too good to pass up but it isn’t local. Assuming the party is at least domestic, travel shouldn’t be an issue. Read more

A fun night

Last night, at the Denver Sanctuary, I got to do a scene that I have been dreaming about for quite a while. I got to tie up two girls side by side and use two Hitachi magic wands and give orgasms simultaneously. I used a big table and tied each of their outer arms and legs to the table, and their inner legs to each other. It was a lot of fun. A minor complaint, it is was no one’s fault at all, was that one was tough to make orgasm and the other easy. Perhaps it’s because I have a great deal of experience with one and not the other. In addition, I was missing a pair of cuffs, which would have made the scene better.

Still, overall, it was a fun night I’d gladly repeat (and I hope one day to do so).

BDSM on a budget

BDSM, like any hobby, can get expensive. In our constant search for new experiences, there are a wide variety of providers that are ready and willing to take our money in exchange for prebuilt items (floggers, vibrators etc). However, like any hobby there are cost saving ways to keep some of your money, assuming you are willing to think a little outside the box

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