Pride 2014: Marching with pride.

Pride 2014:


Pride is over. This was the first time I was in attendance. Usually, I run into a schedule conflict and am unable to attend. In addition to this being my first year attending, I also marched in the parade with the leather contingent. It was a tad awkward simply due to the fact that I don’t formally belong to any of those groups. I mean, I know people in each but I don’t actually belong. I’m not a Denver Boy of Leather (yet), I’m certainly not a Denver Girl of Leather, I’m not a puppy nor a member of that group, and I don’t formally follow the Master/slave contest (though I attended it this year). All I know is that I am leather so the leather contingent is where I need to march. I had several swells of pride while I marched which was very exciting. There was a lot of support coming from the wings. It was very refreshing to see that people don’t hate us.

Often times, I see the Denver scene as if I have my head in the sand. Everything we do is hidden or behind memberships. However, this is a public event that is well attended. People while perhaps not willing to join us, were willing to support us and I appreciated that. It’s an attitude I wish more people had, not just for sexuality but in general. “I stand with you. I may not believe in what you believe, but I respect that you believe it.” This could filter down to just about every element of life from religion, to race relations to life overall. So, to everyone who attended and cheered us on, thank-you from the bottom of my heart. It is that kind of support that makes me want to keep working to get the non-profit working.

If I do happen to find any pictures of me marching in Pride 2014, I’ll post them, however as of yet, I haven’t found any. I would imagine some would show up at least here:

There may be other places, but I’ll keep my eye out.

But again, to everyone who attended and supported not just us but everyone expressing who and what they are, no matter what “it” was:



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