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Denver Munch

Denver Munch So last night, a group of us from Greeley attended the Denver munch. I have never attended the Denver munch, mostly due to the fact that it’s a drive and just a social event. I have no issues socializing, but it can be hard to justify the hour if that is the only […]

Cake night play session w/ heather_daisy

  Cake night play session w/ heather_daisy Well, cake night is over. It was a night of many firsts for many people. The first time I played with heather_daisy. The first time my protégé ever topped. The first time I topped with a true switch. It was very much an enjoyable experience. Often times, the people […]

My relationship type

My relationship type I’m often asked what kind of relationship type I have with my submissives/dominants. Basically, I do what is called a fluid contract and an open relationship. My current girlfriend (who also subs to me and doms me) and I are both allowed to have multiple play partners. However, whenever fluids are involved […]

Children, sex and BDSM

Wrote this for a class and it seems like a good fit for this web site. Despite accusations from the opposition, children are often harmed more by masking sexuality rather than overtly explaining it. In our vain attempt to “protect our children” we often end up doing more harm; reacting rather than taking a pro-active […]

Traveling with toys

While not all of us usually have this issue, occasionally, there will be a party or event occurring that is too good to pass up but it isn’t local. Assuming the party is at least domestic, travel shouldn’t be an issue.

A fun night

Last night, at the Denver Sanctuary, I got to do a scene that I have been dreaming about for quite a while. I got to tie up two girls side by side and use two Hitachi magic wands and give orgasms simultaneously. I used a big table and tied each of their outer arms and […]

BDSM on a budget

BDSM, like any hobby, can get expensive. In our constant search for new experiences, there are a wide variety of providers that are ready and willing to take our money in exchange for prebuilt items (floggers, vibrators etc). However, like any hobby there are cost saving ways to keep some of your money, assuming you […]