New year, new classes!

It’s 2018, time for some new classes! This year, I decided I want to talk about some things I’ve been trying that are new. The first class I decided upon was one based on me making a toy out of a Raspberry Pi. It will be an evil scene. There are still some more parts […]

2017 in review

Wow! What a year. I know that I haven’t posted all that much here. Honestly, it’s just been a crazy year. Not as crazy as 2016. But here is a brief recap of everything I’ve been up to BDSM-Wise Firstly, I was invited to teach at the Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This was […]

New year, new site

New site, A fresh coat of paint. I figured it was time to update While I think I did a decent job, I rather like how flashy the new site is. If you happen to find any issues with it, please let me know. I’m looking over it with a  fine tooth comb, but […]

Denver Sanctuary TNG party

Last night we had an amazing night. We had a presenter on edging and orgasm denial that was very good as well as a good night of attendance.

Upcoming presentations

Post in progress: Ignite Fort Collins, After Dark TGIF 2016 (one pending it being posted on web site)

Excited for Vegas 2016

All ready for Vegas 2016 I am all ready for Vegas 2016! My toys are on their way (I would have had to pay for 3 additional bags, so a friend is bringing them by car), my presentation is finalized and sent to the ASL interpreter and all of my demo bottoms (except for one) […]

Sin in the City 2016

Sin in the City 2016 Good news! I’ll be presenting at Sin in the City 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada! The topics that have been selected are Forced Orgasms | Friday 9:00pm – 10:30pm Chastity | Friday 2:00pm – 3:30pm Dates on this are February 5th through the 7th   I’ll update this post as I […]

Denver Pridefest 2015

Denver Pridefest 2015 Another year, another pride fest. Like last year, I “marched” with the Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance. Here is a video with me at the event waving. Note I was in a boat. That is why I put “marched” in quotes. The side of the boat said “whatever floats your boat”. It […]