Denver Pridefest 2015

Denver Pridefest 2015 Another year, another pride fest. Like last year, I “marched” with the Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance. Here is a video with me at the event waving. Note I was in a boat. That is why I put “marched” in quotes. The side of the boat said “whatever floats your boat”. It […]

Chastity Presentation – 4/8/15

4/8/15 Chastity Presentation I have one upcoming presentation in April. You can see the countdown on the timer on the left, but on 4/8/15 I’ll be doing my talk on chastity. This talk will focus on the different types of devices used and safety considerations to keep in mind when doing so. All of the […]

Am I too kind for kink?

Am I too kind for kink? Kink is a very big part of my life. I’ve never denied this. While I wouldn’t say it occupies a large portion of my day (that would be my job), it does play a huge role in my relationships. I want it in my life. I volunteer when I […]

Dungeons of the Future Presentation – Switch Meeting

Dungeons of the Future! More a concept class, this class discusses what future dungeons could looks like. Purely speculative it goes over with the audience what toys we could see in the future and what kinks could emerge in the next 10-20 years. Significant audience involvement is required. Imagine what toys we’ll have when teleportation […]

Three Days of Kink

Three Days of Kink This weekend (just so you know I have an abnormal work schedule, I get Thurs, Fri and Sat off) was interesting. We had three days of kink events, one on each night. Thursday night was TNG. We had a very large turnout (76 people) and it made for an exciting evening. […]

Thunder 2014 Recap

Thunder 2014: Well, Thunder 2014 has come and gone. I figure it’s time for a recap of the events that transpired. I didn’t get on the volunteer squad this year which is probably good due to some family complications. Everyone is fine now, but it made attending Thunder a challenge. However, I do thank my […]

Pride 2014: Marching with pride.

Pride 2014: Pride is over. This was the first time I was in attendance. Usually, I run into a schedule conflict and am unable to attend. In addition to this being my first year attending, I also marched in the parade with the leather contingent. It was a tad awkward simply due to the fact […]

Thunder 2014 Countdown

Thunder 2014 Countdown: It is the Thunder season. It is time for the Thunder 2014 Countdown. You can look at the side bar for the actual countdown but I’m getting excited. They posted the schedule for the classes. There is ONE class I MIGHT attend, but I’m more looking forward to dungeon time. My partner […]

Ignite 16 – Fort Collins – Guild Management

Ignite 16 While not my kinky presentation this time, I will be speaking at Ignite 16 in Fort Collins on May 9th. My topic is proper guild management. I’ll post a link to it here when they post it. However, if you’d like to see me speak, tickets can be purchased at the link below. […]